10 Consumer Product Careers

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As the years passed by, employment opportunities in the consumer product industry did not increase but it was opportunities to grow and learn. In this article I will discuss 10 consumer product careers and their variations.

1. An Advertising Salesperson

In advertising salesperson, an attractive promo girl is required to interact with consumers on a continuous basis. This is because in sales, everything is first estimated and created through the staff of the salesperson. This is different from the process of mass marketing sales because here the products or service that is to be marketed are of high demand.

2. A Sales Manager

Sales managers are not only limited to advertising sales but they also work in marketing, product development and manufacturing. As a sales manager, it is the responsibility of the person to analyze all the possibilities of where to buy to make a sufficient profit. They come up with a good plan to follow and target the most beneficial multilevel marketing members.

3. A Media Planner

Media planners are also known as media planners and are employed for planning and developing advertising regarding particular products and services. They are expected to be familiar with the structure of all major networks and blogs to find targeted individuals to advertise products or services to.

4. A Business Manager

If you want to be an entrepreneur and be the boss, you must know how to plan marketing and create business opportunities. Furthermore, you also need to be aware of the basic strategies of the industry you are trying to penetrate. If you are planning to start a business within the media industry, you will need to know what marketing tools to use and how to get attention for your product or service.

5. A Cable Network Account Executive

If you want to make it known to the public that you own the cable network account, you will need to pay a fee to a premium account executive. A cable network account executive authenticates and advises clients on various marketing and advertising campaigns required to enhance the presence of the cable network’s channel of specialty shows such asfareview, editors and analysts.

6. Business Development Managers

To do business development effectively, business development managers and agents along with advertising sales reps need to have extensive knowledge of the client’s product and industry specialties. They are expected to identify the relevantitized media to boost the potential for success. The main role of business development managers is to build long term business relations and sales expansion into new markets.

7. Programmers

Programmers ensure that there is continuous improvement in the operations of their companies. This is possible only when programs and systems are laid out in a detailed and written manner. Programmers can be employed by those companies which are banks, corporations, software and electronics firms, and other firms for their business development.

8. A Director of Marketing

If you want to be a top level executive, you will need to have some level of sales training and experience in advertising sales. A director of marketing can be expected to consistently employ spammers and “troll” accounts to try to drive customers to their companies websites in order to generate new sales. Their incentives are usually based on the number of advertisements a company is willing to pay for each new customer.

9. Business Analyst

A business analyst must be able to conduct and analyze market research, trends and development, and advise executives on the promotion and focusing of marketing programs. This is very important because the information gathered needs to be collated and analysed to be used by management in order to improve the company’s ability to generate new revenue.

10. Promotors

If you want to be an executive recruiter, you should receive at least a Master’s degree in business. This is a very demanding role that requires you to follow a very specific strategy that will ensure you achieve your goals. You must be able to find the “right” candidates “on paper”. What this means is that you must have an outstanding sales proposal and presentation skills.

These 10 career tips will now help you match the skills and competencies you possess to the 10 different career paths that exist within the vast field of corporate sales and marketing jobs.

If you implement these steps on a consistent basis when you seek advancement in sales and marketing, you will be rewarded with more prestigious and better paying positions.

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